Mar 13, 2016 10 00 AM MDT

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Mas Sajady Live March 13th - The Power of the Vortex

Experience Mas Sajady LIVE from the comfort of your own home. Join us for this exclusive LIVE EVENT.

Mas Sajady Live March 13th - The Power of the Vortex

Sunday March 13 | 10am - 1pm PT
The Power of the Vortex

Sedona is known to have some of the most powerful vorteces in the world. Many people come to Sedona hoping to enhance their lives by soaking in the vortex energy. But the truth is, the energy is exponentially beneficial if you have the mental/spiritual fortitude to stay grounded in such immense power of the vortex. But if you are not ready, it will distort your frequency and perpetuate the dysfunction in your life even further.During this session, Mas will work with Pure Source to calibrate your frequency, strengthen your fortitude and ground your energy...So you will be in stellar shape to receive only the benefits from the power of the vortex.  

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