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Tennant Biomodulator Integrated Health Conference

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Tennant Biomodulator Integrated Health Conference


Biomodulator training with Dr. Tennant is included with the purchase of the Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS and PRO. Participants have reported that Dr. Tennant’s course is one of the most important training sessions they have ever attended.  Dr. Tennant’s courses are a dynamic mix of individuals ranging from highly skilled world-class medical and dental practitioners, to grandmothers who want to be responsible for personal and family health. Each participant comes with their own level of understanding of health.Over the years, Dr. Tennant’s courses have evolved into much more than just simple training. In addition to Biomodulator device instruction and therapy, Dr. Tennant teaches his approach to wellness and empowers users with knowledge to be proactive with their health. Dr. Tennant also includes guest speakers, experts in their field, that provide scientific, therapeutic and clinical evidence in support of Dr. Tennant’s approach and teachings. These concepts and principles have a direct effect on health and becoming pain free. Because of this diverse mix of individuals the courses are interesting and informative with lively discussions continuing during breaks when individuals interact with each other. All this wealth of information, demonstration and discussion is packed into an ongoing monthly 19 hour health conference.
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