Mar 16, 2017 07 00 PM MDT
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Unify Presents - Spring Solstice Equinox & World Water Day Meditation

Join us LIVE on Thursday, March 16th at 7pm MST for our FREE Spring Equinox Meditation.

Unify Presents - Spring Solstice Equinox & World Water Day Meditation

Jorge Luis Delgado with Luna Van Atta
Luna Van Atta will lead the crystal bowl water ceremony to honor World Water Day. Eight crystal bowls tuned to the frequency of our major energy centers entrain your frequencies and align you with Mother Earth’s healthy, balanced energies. This resonance entrains the dominant frequency from the bowls to your energy, bringing you into the same vibration and creating vibrant, physical health.
These frequencies will be projected to the planet offering peace, harmony, acceptance and compassion. Thirty-four countries are playing the bowls simultaneously with this intent. 
Celebrated Peruvian Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado will lead the despacho. A despacho is a prayer bundle with symbolic elements and the participants’ prayers. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants rises. The despacho transforms into a living prayer creating healing and higher vibrations. 
Before the ceremony, natural ingredients are gathered as offerings. These may include corn, coca leaves, flowers, feathers, beans and colorful yarn. Offerings are prayed over individually while the Shaman gently blows the prayer into them. Participants who attend with humility, gratitude and an open heart may experience more grace in their lives.
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