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EU2016 "Elegant Simplicity" LIVE BROADCAST

EU2016 "Elegant Simplicity" LIVE BROADCAST

Electric Universe 2016 LIVE Broadcasted Conference called "Elegant Simplicity"  

Simplicity has always been a trademark of progress in the sciences. A new theory will be described as “elegant” when it can explain a broader range of data while reducing complications, exceptions, and contradictions.

Of course, the word is too easily used and abused today. The Big Bang theory could only be made elegant by answering contradictions already cited by well-qualified critics. Oversimplification is not elegant. Failure to see contradictory evidence is not elegant either.The popular mathematical contrivance called a Black Hole is not elegant either, since it neither addresses nor even acknowledges the electrified plasma environment of galaxy formation. And the imagined thermonuclear fusion at the core of the Sun is assuredly not elegant, since it leaves the most compelling features of the Sun unexplained.A strategic use of language will often distort the distinction between real progress and imaginary progress in science. But for anyone exploring the Electric Universe paradigm, the principle of theoretical “elegance” is well worthy of consideration. It is an acid test. That is why we’ve selected “Elegant Simplicity” as the theme of our upcoming EU2016 conference.Join us in an interdisciplinary adventure, June 17-19 in Phoenix, Arizona. Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm. And find your own connections within a movement that is shaping the future of science.

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